For boys only:

Young baby: 1 to 18 months

Toddler: 3 months to 4 years

Children: 2 – 16 years

The Timberland story began in New Hampshire, USA, in 1952. Its Yellow Boot, created in 1973, is popular the world over and has become an ambassador of the brand’s core values: comfortable, waterproof and durable, this shoe represents the ultimate in comfort and long-lasting protection. As a company which is committed to the environment, Timberland is one of the leading international brands in the outdoor market.

For its children’s collection, Timberland has drawn on its history and strong values to offer a style inspired by outdoor clothing and streetwear. An invitation to use street energy as a catalyst to create a desire for travelling the world and defending nature.

Timberland clothing is practical, comfortable and hard-wearing. The ideal look for modern-day adventurers.

Fashion according to TIMBERLAND:

Inspired, committed, comfortable, durable.

Core values: Nature, commitment, the city.


Collections made for urban as well as rural adventures, from skateboarding to hiking, with comfortable and hard-wearing materials for exploring the world.

Boys are: Free, adventurous, intrepid, confident.


An international presence with a network of 1,000 point-of-sale.



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