Girls’ and boys’ brand

Young baby: 1 to 18 months

Toddler: 3 months to 3 years

Children: 2 to 12+ years

The world was introduced to Marc Jacobs’ quirky and eccentric style in 1986. This talented and unusual designer’s reputation grew quickly. In 1993, Jacobs and his partner Duffy launched their own label and design company: Marc Jacobs International. In 1997, they joined the Louis Vuitton group. The winner of countless awards from Paris to New York, Marc Jacobs brings his own quirky, surprising and spectacular vision of fashion to life.

Colour, energy and a dash of irreverence. These are the ingredients that the designer wanted to run through his children’s collection. With eye-catching motifs, glitzy sequins and cool prints, the Mark Jacobs collection enables every child to express their tastes, mood and personality! That’s exactly what Marc Jacobs aims for: celebrating childhood mischief, freedom and energy.

Fashion according to MARC JACOBS:

Eccentric, colourful, bubbly, fun.


Bright and colourful collections bearing the designers inimitable hallmark, plenty of prints, glitter, sequins and studs to enjoy childhood in their own way, with total freedom.

Core values:

Imagination, dreams, celebrations, colours.

Girls and boys are: Mischievous, bubbly, confident, free.


An international presence within a network of 300 point-of-sale.



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